Guide to Building a Rewards & Recognition Program

Contact centers are often seen as a cost center, rather than a revenue-generating function. As a result, the industry sees some of the highest turnover rates and lowest levels of engagement.

Fortunately, many business leaders are renewing their focus on the customer experience, and as a result, the employee experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the best ways to leverage rewards and recognition to improve agent morale and performance.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Why it is Important to Recognize Agents
  • Gaining Leadership Buy-in
  • How to Reward Agents
  • How to Structure Your Rewards Program
  • Tools For Recognition

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Motivate and Engage Your Agents

Capture agent-level performance insights after every service interaction through humanized and gamified feedback requests that generate response rates up to 50%.

Feedback is shared directly with agents via real-time streams, keeping them motivated throughout their day.

Supercharge coaching and QA

High volumes of agent-level performance insights enable your team leaders to deliver positive reinforcement and in-the-moment micro-coaching.

QA teams can use the feedback to prioritize agents that need the most help and identify specific interactions to review.


Turnkey Integrations

Turnkey integrations with all major contact center CRM and ticketing systems ensure you can unlock all the value with no interruption to agent workflow.


Humanize your Service

Including a picture and bio of agents in your feedback requests humanize your brand and drive response rates 10x industry averages.

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“The agent-focused approach of Stella Connect is unique and powerful and has totally changed the way we think about measuring, rewarding and motivating our contact center team.”

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“The real-time agent-level feedback through Stella Connect empowers our managers like never before and drives self-correcting behavior across our front-line team.”

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