10 Customer Service Email Templates Every Agent Needs

Get expertly crafted templates that will arm your agents with the perfect foundation for reply to any customer ticket they receive and help them keep empathy at the heart of their responses.

Download the ebook now for templates on how to respond when a customer:

  • has a question about company policies,
  • doesn't get their order on time,
  • found a bug on your website or in your product,
  • has a bad experience over the phone or via chat,
  • ...and so much more!

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Get real-time customer feedback on agent performance.

Customer Feedback on Agent Performance

Capture customer feedback on agent performance at scale and measure against the KPIs - like CSAT, NPS, and CES - that matter to you.

Supercharge coaching and QA

By linking QA reviews with customer feedback, you can quickly highlight how your internal quality measures stack up against customer-rated performance. Keep a bird’s eye view of review metrics to help evolve and enhance what quality really means to your brand.

Supercharge your agent coaching and QA processes.
Integrate Stella Connect with whatever CRM your team works out of.

Turnkey Integrations

Stella Connect integrates with all major CRM and ticketing vendors, creating a holistic ecosystem for greater frontline efficiency, quality, and action - all with no interruption to your agents' workflows.

Humanize your Customer Service

Humanize your Service

Grow the human relationship between your customers and your brand with Stella Connect. Using personalized bios and agent icons in feedback requests drives response rates of 10x industry averages.

Arm Your Agents with the Perfect Reply

Never struggle to draft another email again. Download our Customer Service email templates to arm your agents with the perfect reply for any customer concern.

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