Empower Your Remote Customer Service Agents

As your organization adapts to the changing landscape of the world and your customer’s needs, you need to be sure you’re also adapting to the needs of your team. Helping them thrive while working remotely is critical to ensuring they can continue to deliver remarkable customer service while staying engaged, fulfilled, and happy in their role.

Our Remote Customer Service Bundle breaks down everything you need to know to keep your agents motivated and connected from anywhere in the world.

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What's in the Bundle?

Our Remote Customer Service Bundle ties together advice from CX leaders, industry insights, and actionable tips you can put in practice today to set your agents up for success and ensure your front-line team is bringing their A-game to every customer interaction.

With the bundle, you'll have access to:

  • How CX Leaders Are Handling the Transition to Remote
  • Remote Customer Service: How to Successfully Manage Remote Teams
  • [Webinar] Remote CX: 3 Tips to Maintain Service Quality with a Remote Workforce
  • 7 Strategies for Helping Remote CX Teams Adjust to the New Normal
  • ...and more!

How Does Stella Connect Enable Remote CX Teams?

With Stella Connect, you can empower your agents and managers with real-time feedback, coaching, and QA while maximizing the efficiency of your team - no matter where they sit.
Motivate and Engage Your Remote CX Agents

Motivate and Engage Your Remote CX Agents

Capture agent-level performance insights after every service interaction through humanized and gamified feedback requests that generate response rates up to 50%.

Feedback is shared directly with agents via real-time streams, keeping them motivated throughout their day.

Supercharge Remote Coaching and QA

High volumes of agent-level performance insights enable your team leaders to deliver positive reinforcement and timely micro-coaching, even when you can't be face-to-face with your agents.

QA teams can use the feedback to prioritize agents that need the most help and identify specific interactions to review.

Supercharge Remote Coaching and QA