[Webinar] Remote CX: 3 Tips to Maintain Service Quality with a Remote Workforce

A transition to remote work, especially for CX teams, can be an intimidating one. We understand that more companies are turning to remote work as both a short- and long-term solution.

As companies plan their approach to managing individual wellbeing, we want to help alleviate any potential stress during the transition to a more remote workforce. Regardless of where they sit, CX teams should feel empowered to perform at their best and represent their brand well.

Watch our webinar as we share 3 actionable tips for maintaining excellent service quality with a remote CX workforce.

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Meet Our Speakers

Justin Cruz

Senior Client Success Manager at Stella Connect


Jacob Webber

Director of Client Success, East Coast and Europe at Stella Connect


Liz Keys

Technical Support Manager,  at Stella Connect


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"5 stars for you and the team!"

"I enjoyed the time with Jacob Webber and Justin Cruz , easy format, casual topics for a lunch recap. Left me with some actionable topics that are also easy to implement."

"What a fun way to get engagement with your webinar! It definitely motivated me to sign up! Looking forward to the recording!"

"Great conversation! Thank you!"

"It was very helpful and left me with a sense of purpose. I am also armed with a list of easy to action suggestions."


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