[Webinar] QA is Broken: How Stella Connect is Reshaping the Future of QA

Customer feedback, coaching, and QA are typically disconnected. By completing QA in real-time, it can be used as a coaching opportunity, rather than something agents dread each month.

At Stella Connect, we want to empower CX teams to perform at their best, and actionable QA is an important piece of that. We saw an opportunity to make the QA process more fun, engaging, and meaningful to agents by reimagining the manual and time-consuming process.

In our upcoming webinar, we'll cover how to leverage a new approach to QA to:

  • Improve agent coaching
  • Calibrate key areas of discrepancy
  • Identify key trends
  • Unify customer feedback and QA

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Meet Our Speakers

Ali Zelisko

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Stella Connect

Ali Zelisko-1

Keren Katz

Product Manager at Stella Connect

Keren Katz-1

See what previous attendees have to say:

"5 stars for you and the team!"

"I enjoyed the time with Jacob Webber and Justin Cruz , easy format, casual topics for a lunch recap. Left me with some actionable topics that are also easy to implement."

"What a fun way to get engagement with your webinar! It definitely motivated me to sign up! Looking forward to the recording!"

"Great conversation! Thank you!"

"It was very helpful and left me with a sense of purpose. I am also armed with a list of easy to action suggestions."


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