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Let's go! Level Up 2021 featured stories from the Stella Connect customer family, a powerful keynote highlighting the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and customer service, "heard it here first" product updates from the Stella Connect team, and exclusive content created by the best in CX tech.
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Best virtual event I have attended... Great content and great choice of speakers. Great platform... The Stella Team rocked this event.

Level Up 2020 Attendee


René Carayol
EVP of Environmental, Social and Governance
Antoni Porowski
Star of Netflix's Queer Eye
Keith Barry
World-renowned mentalist & magician
Monte Williams
Vice President of Customer Experience
Karen Darling
Regional Director
Lauren Jackman
SVP, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
monika Grzadka_1
Monika Grzadka
CX Operations Team Manager
Jacob Webber
Regional Director, Client Success EMEA
Moataz Elagizi
Global Chief Experience Officer
Michelle Collins
Senior Manager, Client Success
Kate Hamilton
Global Customer Experience Manager
Tim Pomer
Director of Client Success
Ben Segal
Senior Director of CX
Elizabeth Keys
Director, Product Management
Justin Cruz
Director of Client Success
William Barthe
Manager, Customer Support
Jesse Holcomb
Client Success Manager
Joshua LaMarche
Head of Customer Support
Rohan Kapoor
Partnerships Manager
Kaitlyn Bate
Kaitlyn Bate
Senior Director, Global Customer Experience Strategy
Daniel Rood
Head of Product Marketing
Joe Ciuffo
Joe Ciuffo
Senior Product Marketer
Jeff Allison
Head of Customer Experience
Andrew Forbes
Director of Product Marketing
Beatrice Casanova
Beatrice Casanova
Sr. Director of Product Management

What You'll Get


Stella Stories

Hear from the Stella Connect client family on how they've leveraged Stella to level up their team performance and CX strategies.


Partners Present

We've got some of the best tech partners out there, and we want you to hear from them! Visit our virtual expo hall to learn about the best in CX tech with exclusive content programmed by our partners.


EMEA Focused Content

Tuning in from EMEA? We've got you covered! Our conference pre-show content is just for you. You'll hear from Stella Connect clients from across EMEA, and get the chance to attend an exclusive networking event to connect with CX pros in your region.


Stella Connect Product Updates

Get a recap of what we've been up to in the last year, and a sneak peek at what's to come!


Killer Keynote

An opening keynote that you won't want to miss!


Next Level Networking

Connect with CX and customer service pros from around the globe during 1:1 speed networking and our after-party events.


Unlocking the Secrets to Remarkable Customer Experiences in a Digital Age

with Rain, YuMOVE, and Treatwell

Moataz Elagizi, Global Chief Experience Officer at Rain, Kate Hamilton, Global Customer Experience Manager at YuMOVE, and Monika Grzadka, Customer Experience Operations Team Manager at Treatwell, dive into how their teams deliver great customer experiences for modern digital customers. They’ll be sharing best practices for creating a culture of visibility, the value of focusing on quality over quantity, and the importance of humanized customer service for driving loyalty.

Stella Connect Product Announcements

with Elizabeth Keys, Director of Product Management for Stella Connect

Enabling Every Voice to Be Heard: How Inclusion Creates Great Customer Service

with René Carayol MBE, EVP of ESG at Medallia

René Carayol MBE will be taking the stage as our opening keynote to discuss the intersection of D&I and customer serviceand why enabling every voice to be heard will always result in better customer experiences.

Lessons on Building the Ultimate CX Tech Stack with Pair Eyewear

with Ben Segal, Director of CX at Pair Eyewear

Without the proper tools and resources at their disposal, your support team can’t succeed. That’s where your tech stack comes in. Hear from Ben Segal, Senior Director of CX at Pair Eyewear, as he shares how his team implemented their CX tech stack from scratch, best practices for building your own, and insight into picking the right tools to create great customer experiences.

Using QA to Create a Culture of Visibility (and Recognition) at Eaze

with William Barthe, Manager of Customer Support at Eaze

Is your QA program moving the needle to drive customer satisfaction and agent improvement? Hear from William Barthe, Customer Support Manager at Eaze, to learn how his team uses QA to maintain a holistic view of team performance, highlight agent successes, and share customer feedback across the organization.

Turning Customer Service Interactions Into Insights: Why Customer Feedback is Key at Gong

with Josh LaMarche, Head of Customer Support at Gong

Customer insights can be extremely powerful, but they’re only effective if the data that’s gathered is organized, up-to-date, and - most importantly - actionable. Join Josh LaMarche, Head of Customer Support at Gong, for a deep dive into how his team is capturing - and acting on - customer feedback to streamline internal operations, drive bottom-line business value, and create raving fans.

How Avocado Inspires Passion by Fostering a Culture of Engagement, Empowerment, and Accountability

with Monte Williams, Vice President of Customer Experience at Avocado

For modern businesses, the customer experience and the agent experience go hand-in-hand; to improve one, you need to improve the other. Join Monte Williams, Vice President of Customer Experience at Avocado, for a conversation on how to create a culture of agent engagement, empower your team to reach new heights, and create better brand experiences with customer feedback.

How Leveraging Real-Time Voice Data Can Better Improve Your Customer and Agent Experience.

Five9 Partner Session

CX is leading the charge towards digital transformation and companies are trying to leverage some of the most important part of this journey, the customer data. By using customer voice data in real-time customers will feel the personal experience that they now expect and your agents can have better and quicker insights to their customer’s needs. A happy customer + a happy agent = better CX and we know that is what the market demands. Tune in this session as Five9 and Medallia talk about the Medallia customers can leverage the real-time Five9 VoiceStream data with the Medallia’s speech solution to experience the better together CX of our partnership and ecosystem.

Keeping Agents at 💯 in a Hybrid Workspace

Freshworks Partner Session

As the shift from physical workspaces to remote digital workspaces become semi-permanent, it's paramount that businesses find a permanent way to fix some of the gaps that this shift has created. This is necessary to ensure that no matter what happens agents as able to continuously provide uninterrupted support.

Evolving your CX from tickets to conversations

Gladly Partner Session

This session will cover how modern CX teams are rethinking how they operate to improve CSAT scores, team efficiency, and employee experience by moving away from the past's disjointed systems to having agents work concurrently across all channels with second-by-second data that delivers optimal customer engagements.

How to Nail Customer Support in 2021

Gorgias Partner Session

Many brands fall short in nailing the CX journey for their customers. As a result, most shoppers acquired during the season have a short CLV. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Brands that can ensure top-quality customer experiences! During his session, Rohan Kapoor from Gorgias is going to share his best practices on customer support. Tune in for the best tips!

Combining Zendesk and Stella Connect for a World-Class Customer Experience

Zendesk Partner Session

Please join Andrew Forbes from Zendesk and Jeff Allison, the head of customer experience at The Black Tux, as they dive into how using Zendesk alongside Stella Connect can help deliver a top notch support experience for customers and build the power of your brand.

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