Stella Connect Empowers Frontline Teams to Perform at Their Best

Stella Connect inspires frontline agents who are centralized, dispersed, or currently working from home to create great customer experiences.

Get Stella Connect free through June 30th, 2020*.

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What Stella Connect Does:

Stella Connect is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving improvement of frontline teams.


Real-Time Feedback


Quality Assurance



Who Benefits from Stella Connect? CX teams with more than 25 agents, either centralized, dispersed, or working from home.

How Long Does Stella Take to Implement? Our solution is 100% cloud-based, and with our Zendesk app it takes under 30 minutes to implement.

Does Stella Work Well With Zendesk? Customers using Zendesk can benefit the most from our solution. Learn more here

What is Stella Connect Offering? We know things are uncertain right now, so to help, Stella Connect is offering Zendesk customers and prospects a fully functioning implementation of our Professional Package through June 30, 2020.

*Our Professional Package is our most robust offering. For qualified companies.